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Yoga and Yoga for Women - Reflexology for Fertility and Pregnancy Newport


Yoga classes in Newport


Tuesday 6.30 - 8pm                Orchard Lane Community Centre

                                               St Julians


                                               NP19 7DW


Wednesday 7 - 8.30pm           St Basil's Church Hall



                                               NP10 8LD



£6 drop in / £30.00 for a block of 6 consecutive classes


All levels of experience welcome.


My yoga classes are a mixture of flowing movement and longer held postures, breath awareness, breathing exercises and meditation and class always finishes with a lovely relaxation.


Classes are suitable for all, including beginners, and don't worry, there is no need to be super flexible or even to be able to touch your toes to do yoga.


Please wear something that is lose and comfortable and allows you to move freely. Please bring with you a yoga / exercise mat, a blanket and some comfy socks. (I have a couple spare if you would like to borrow one for your first session).  

Yoga for women's health


Ad hoc classes on or around the full or new moon in Newport.  Get in touch for more info


There are cetain times in a woman's life where a strong physical practice does not serve or honour her feminie energy and power.


This class aims to bring women in touch with their feminine energy and their cyclical nature and to become more connected with the phases of the moon and the elements of nature.  


The class is designed for women of all ages and at all stages in their life but could be of real help and support to those entering or leaving their menstruating years, to women who are preparing to conveive or who are struggling to conceive and to women who are in a post natal period.  It is also a wonderful class for women who just need to take some time for themselves.

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