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Yoga and Yoga for Women - Reflexology for Fertility and Pregnancy Newport



Reflexology is a holistic treatment applied to the feet or hands.


Gentle massage is applied to the pressure points of the feet that correspond with different organs of the body.  Massage of the pressure points can release blocked energy and bring the body back to a balanced state.


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment and can help with;


Stress reduction

Improved sleep

Hormone balance

Strengthening the immune system

Improved circulation

It may also help ease the symptoms of certain conditions

Trying for a baby is an exciting time for many couples, but waiting for that much wanted positive result, especially if it doesn't come straight away can be stressful.


Take a look at the Reflexology for conception page for further informaiton on how reflexology can help.





I carry out my treatments in my home treatment room in Newport.


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Reflexology for conception