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Reflexology for conception

Trying for a baby is an exciting time for many couples, but waiting for that much wanted positive result, especially if it doesn't come straight away can be stressful and heartbreaking, especially when it appears that the rest of the world is getting pregnant at the drop of a hat.


Having regular reflexology treatments whilst trying to conceive can help reduce stress levels, calming and soothing the body in preparation for carrying your baby.


I have completed a number of FHT approved training courses that allows me to adapt treatments to focus on the areas of the body that encourage reproductive health and to specifically work with clients to improve issues of subfertility and reproductive health issues.


Reproductive Reflexology can help with fertility and subfertility assistng with conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles and low sperm count.


Regular reproductive reflexology treatments can help to bring the body and the reproductive system back into balance in order to improve symptoms of reproductive conditions and the chances of pregnancy.


Before any treatment is commenced I will undertake a complete and thorough consultation to understand what your fertility journey has been so far and to discuss any medical diagnosis that you have received. A treatment plan will then be created just for you.


Ideally, for optimum results a course of 4 weekly treatments is advised to bring the reproductive and hormonal system into balance.  Futher treatments can then be spaced out according to your needs.