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By jothomas-72, Feb 5 2017 12:49PM

In January this year I started a new class in Duffryn on a Thursday evening. The class is completely focused on yoga for women's health and is a subject very close to my heart.

After spending many years on a relatively strong physical yoga practice I came to the realisation that there are cetain times in a woman's life where a strong physical practice does not serve or honour her feminie energy and power.

In 2016 I spent time training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli a pioneer in yoga for women and womb health. Inspired by this incredible teacher i now offer a class in Newport at Duffryn Community Centre on a Thursday evening. The class aims to bring women in touch with their feminine energy and their cyclical nature and to become more connected with the phases of the moon and the elements of nature.

The class is designed for women of all ages and at all stages in their life but could be of real help and support to those entering or leaving their menstruating years, to women who are preparing to conveive or who are struggling to conceive and to women who are in a post natal period.

We are now five weeks into a ten week course and I am absolutely loving sharing this type of yoga. The coming together of women to honour and support themselves and each other is such a beautiful and powerful experience and the feedback from my students so far has been so wonderful.

If any of the above resonates with you and you are interested in joining the next course of yoga for womens health, please get in touch at

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