Yoga & therapies for holistic wellbeing 

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The roots of yoga can be traced back to India thousands of years ago.  Today, the rest of the world is quickly catching and yoga is now popular throughout the world.  With so many benefits, it is no wonder why:


On a physical level, yoga improves felxibility and builds strength.  Key muscles are worked during a yoga practice to help maintain the mobility of joints, good posture and back health.  It is a perfect practice to set us in good stead to maintain a healthy body throughout our lives and into old age.


A well rounded yoga practice can improve respiration, bringing vitality and energy into the body.  It can also help with some respiratory issues, making the lungs strongers and improving conditions such as asthma.


Yoga can help calm the mind and the nervous system, giving us the tools to deal with life's stresses with emotional balance, brininging us peace and tranquility. Practitioners often report a reduction in symptoms of stress and anxiety and improved sleep as a benefit and generally an improved sense of wellbeing.




Whatever you are looking for in a yoga practice there is a type of yoga to suit you.