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Baby Massage

Throughout history positive touch has been used by parents to soothe, calm and connect with their babies. Baby massage uses classic massage techniques to enhance the positive way that you touch and stroke your baby.


Learning these techniques gives you the opportunity to make quality time to connect and communicate with your baby and to strengthen your bond, relaxing both parent and baby in the process.


Benefits of baby massage;


  • Helps bonding between parent and baby

  • Relaxation for both of you

  • Promotes better sleep

  • Aids development, co-ordination and sensory stimulation for baby

  • Can help to improve common health issues in babies such as digestive problems, skin conditions and teething pain


As a new parent it can be difficult to make time for anything other than looking after baby, so getting to a baby massage class on time can be a daunting prospect! Booking a baby massage treatment with Jo takes the stress away as she will visit you and your baby at home to teach the techniques and theory behind this relaxing treatment.


Bookings are available for single treatments or for a series of massages as your baby develops.


Contact Jo today to find out more.